How to make two often overlooked distinctions to help us make more fulfilling choices for ourselves and others.

Life is too short to play it safe. It’s also too meaningful to play it recklessly.

A backseat van conversation with a teammate this fall landed us on the topic of taking risks. As young people, life decisions feel particularly consequential — what if I take an internship in the…

Why spending time with people may be the most important item on our list of responsibilities.

“I have too many responsibilities to spend time with my friends right now.”

Have you ever felt this way before? I have, too. Here’s the tricky part: sometimes, it’s easy for me to use it as an excuse to not invest in the people in my life. …

How being honest with ourselves helps us process difficult outcomes.

When was the last time you felt at peace? What about the last time you felt pain — not physical, but emotional?

Chances are, you didn’t think about the same moment. I didn’t, either, because pain and peace seem mutually exclusive. My friend Maddie would disagree.

Brimming with life, energy…

The balance of two segments in an industry — and forces in the world — is precisely what makes the other valuable.

I’ll never forget the summer I fell in love with agtech startup culture. I moved to a new state to work with people I barely knew in a segment of the industry I had only recently met; it was intimidating, and that’s part of why I loved it.

Growing up…

My time in the organization has prepared me for life beyond it.

This past year has been the most meaningful year of my life thus far. It’s my hope I can say that about each following year, too.

I have loved my time in the National FFA Organization, from a first-year member in my awkward freshman days to my seventh and final…

The spotlight on the stage might be on you, but the spotlight in your heart should be on your audience.

I attempt a series of deep breaths, but end up with a couple shaky ones instead. My hands are damp from sweat, I’m not even sure where my stomach is at, and my heart thumps like I’ve just finished running a 10K. As I stand behind the backstage curtain, knowing…

Which we choose to pursue first will determine whether we find both or neither.

“Miriam, I think I’d be fulfilled working at a coffeeshop after National Office, but I don’t want people to think I’m not successful.”

My teammate Paxton’s words resonated deeply with me. I, too, have dreams I’d like to achieve, but am afraid others won’t be impressed. …

How to remain grounded without becoming stubborn.

It’s been several years since I moved out of the house I grew up in; since then, I’ve only visited every few months. It seems like every time I’m back, my mother has changed something about the house. A new coat of paint on the walls in the dining room…

Sometimes life happens to us, and other times we make things in happen in our life: is this question even worth dwelling upon?

Does life happen to us, or do we make things happen in life?

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019.

The stadium fills with the sound of the Chicago Bulls’ theme song as my mind fills with anticipation. Stomachs in knots, hearts racing, eyes fixated on the speaker at the podium on stage, 44 National FFA Officer…

If small talk doesn’t lead to something meaningful, it’s probably not the fault of small talk; it’s because we’re doing it wrong.

“How is your morning going?”

Do you think this question, asked to a stranger, can lead to a meaningful conversation? I’d be tempted to say no if it wasn’t for a hotel breakfast host named Rhonda.

I met Rhonda at 7:05a.m. in the lobby of a Comfort Inn & Suites…

Miriam Hoffman

Decidedly curious. Cautiously intrepid. Cynically idealistic. I’m a 21-year old with a deep desire to understand the world around me and the people in it.

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